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With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, we offer a comprehensive solution of raw materials for your production processes. We have available inventory in our warehouses and our own transportation fleet to guarantee just in time deliveries. Our specialized engineers are happy to help you. We make your life easier!


Rubber and rubber chemicals

Technically specified natural rubber from the main plantations in Guatemala, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico. We have available inventory of accelerators, antioxidants, anti-tacks, antiozonants, resins, waxes and processing aids.


Natural latex with high ammonia content and TMTD free (anti allergenic). We can deliver in buckets, drums, tank trucks and flexibags. We have available inventory of microtalcs, anti-tacks and accelerators.


Organic and inorganic powder pigments, pigments for offset inks, waterbased dispersions pigments and fluorescent pigments, UV dispersions and other inorganic pigments (oxides, titanium dioxide, carbon black, etc.)

Wire drawing

Dry and wet lubricants for ferrous and non-ferrous wires, lubricant for low and high carbon wires and spiral spiral brushes for wire cleaning.


Polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, bioplastics and additives.


Dispersion fragances (DISPER SCENT) and powder fragances (POWDER SCENT).

Natural rubber

Natural rubber has been used for hundreds of years in a variety of applications due to its unique characteristics such as: flexion, traction, compression and elasticity. There are different types of rubber: Technically Specified Natural Rubber SGR10, SGR10CV60, SGR20, SGR L, SIR20, SVR3CV60, SVR3L, HEM20, RSS1, Crepe 1X, Synthetic Rubbers (SBR, NBR, ECO, ACM). Rubber is used to manufacture tires, tire tread, hoses, bands, mats, automotive profiles, shoe soles, gloves, rubber bands, adhesives, gaskets, etc...

Rubber Chemicals

Rubber needs rubber chemicals to vulcanize and give the desired shape and characteristics to rubber articles: resistance, durability, resilience, flexibility, etc. Sulfur is the most widely used vulcanizing agent in the manufacture of rubber articles. Accelerators help carry out the vulcanization process in less time. Antioxidants, antiozonants and waxes protect the rubber article from oxygen and ozone and increase its useful life. Anti-tacks facilitate the manufacturing process and other process aids achieve a better and more efficient mixing of the rubber compound ingredients.


Natural latex has very good tensile strength, elongation and tear resistance, making it ideal for balloons, gloves, hoses, all types of garters, etc. TMTD-free latex is used in applications that are in contact with human skin as it helps reduce allergic reactions, such as: gloves, medical hoses, masks, condoms, etc..


Pigments give color to everything you see. We have powder pigments (organic and inorganic), offset ink pigments, water dispersion pigments, UV dispersions, fluorescent pigments and other inorganic pigments like: titanium dioxide, oxides, carbon black, etc. Some of the applications for pigments are: printing inks for plastic packaging, corrugated cardboard, napkins, toilet paper, newspapers and magazines, catalogs, textbooks to name a few. Pigments are also used in the manufacture of crayons and watercolors, highlighters, wall paintings, construction bricks, etc...

Wire Drawing

Wire drawing is a metalworking process used to reduce the cross-section of a wire by pulling the wire through drawing dice using different lubricants. We offer calcium, sodium and wet lubricants for the manufacture of welding wire, spring wire, tire bead wire, pre-stressed wire for construction, copper and aluminum wires, among others.


Raw materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PET, bioplastics, additives, UV filters and antioxidants are used to manufacture packaging films and color masterbatch, super sacks, containers and dispensers of all sizes, bags, water tanks, furniture, playground games, etc...


The sense of smell is capable of recognizing more than 10,000 scents. We offer powder fragrances (Powder-Scent) and dispersion fragrances (Disper-Scent). These fragrances are used to make personal care items such as lotions, soaps and detergents, shampoos, and other cleaning products. They are also used in the manufacture of balloons, gloves, plastic packaging, rubber articles, paints, candles, etc...

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